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  • An Example Of Cleveland Content Management
  • An Example Of Cleveland Content Management
  • An Example Of Cleveland Content Management

Content management systems are complex, typically providing the end user access to the information they seek by setting cookies, creating member login areas, pulling product data from a database, or maintaining a visitor's session to remember products that they have selected in the past. You can often find this kind of website by its dynamically generated url that contains question marks, percentage signs, or other symbols. This query string is used to provide a challenge for search engine spiders since they were unable to read beyond the question mark, but it is no longer an issue for most modern search spiders.

Many websites require a Dynamic approach in order to effectively meet the needs of their visitors and marketing strategies. At we have a variety of solutions since our Cleveland area web designers and developers have extensive experience writing dynamic websites in many programming languages. For most sites, we recommend an open source CMS or content management system.

Benefits of an Open Source Content Management System

The main benefit of using open source software for your website is the large community built around them. You rarely have to look far to find another web professional with experience working with the software you chose. What this means is that if you choose to work with another web designer or developer, you are not locked into a proprietary system that would cost a small fortune for another developer to change. Another benefit of open source software is that it does wonders for your bank account. Costs of developing a dynamic system from scratch can be steep. By using existing information, you only pay for the features you need and not for the entire development of another core system.

You Have Many Options When Choosing a Content Management System

Content Management Systems come in many shapes and sizes. We have experience with a wide variety of open source options making it possible for us to recommend the solution that best fits your needs. Whether you are looking for client logins with a back end system, or an E-commerce superstore to sell products and remember a visitor's purchase history, we know the software to recommend and how to customize it to fit your individual needs. If we are unable to find a solution we also collaborate with a network of colleagues through the Cleveland Web Standards Association (CWSA) and Cascade Media Services Collective. We ensure that you get what you need.

Cleveland Content Management

The Cleveland content management scene is very much alive. There are many local groups that meet on a regular basis to promote standards as well as offer courses and training in a variety of content management systems. If you administer a content managment system in the Cleveland area, be sure to check out the Cleveland Web Standards Association, Cleveland Drupal meetup group, or even the Cleveland Wordpress meetup group; All are great resourses for learning and networking. Web Management!

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