Web Services

Static Websites

We are specialists in creating custom solutions that maximize opportunities the internet presents businesses to acquire new customers, strengthen relationships and loyalty all while boosting profitability. sites we design not only look great from the front, but from behind as well. Our search engine friendly code adheres to the highest level of web standards set by the web design governing body the W3C.

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Dymanic Websites / Content Management Systems

One of our many specialties has been the installation and customization of various content management systems. We tend to lean towards an open source solution for many reasons, but largely due to the community built around them. We do great work so there is no need to lock our clients in with proprietary software only we will understand.

We're experienced in the following open source CMS'

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We keep up on modern search engine optimization techniques so that we can give our clients results that will give them an advantage over their competition. Search engine optimization is one of the areas that is more often then not, done wrong. For this reason We often have scheduled workshops where you can come to learn the ins and outs of SEO so that you have the knowledge to know if your website or webstaff is performing efficiently.

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Web Hosting

We can provide both hands on and hands off web hosting. We know how difficult it can be to learn a new system with how busy life can get. This is why we offer to handle everything. You give us the files and we'll make sure they're up and running. You want to add another email account to the server, we'll handle it. email forwarders, auto responders, file uploads, we'll take care of the back end.

3D Design

Thanks to new technologies and faster internet connections 3D Design can present both concept and existing products or services on the web like never before. Great for product presentation, eye catching logos, concept visualization, button set animation, site intro movies, and much more! Lets visualize the future and impress the competition!

Electronic Business Cards

We are pleased to introduce the newest addition to our growing number of products and services. What is an electronic business card? Imagine handing someone a business card that was capable of delivering a video presentation, recorded audio, the content from your website, or your company's entire product catalog.

Graphic Design

Ever have a picture you know could be great if only the lighting was a bit better, you didn't have that giant pimple, or weren't pouring out sweat? Well unfortunately you can't go back in time and re-take that once in a life time Photo, But it can be preserved in a way that does the moment justice.

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